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Magically Delicious
You give me major, I'll give you minor

my puppy ah! her name is sasha.

more under here, including some where i look like a serial killerCollapse )

dang sorry i'm so boring. :(

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so i'm sitting outside, the weather's great, hummingbirds are buzzing all around me due to the feeder right next to me, and life is good.

i got a new puppy! no pictures as of yet--she's very squirmy. she's a wee little dachshound, yay!

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yum, bagels.

so i have a boyfriend now. yay me! we'll probably break up within the month, so don't think of this as a permanent thing. which is cynical and pessimistic but so, so true.

nothing much else to report. stay safe bbs!

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so the issue with the whole last friday thing is resolved. i don't want to go into it any further.

in better news, i'm in the school play! well i have been for forever but thursday and friday were the first two shows. the last one is tonight, and i'm both really happy and really sad. the kind of feeling you get when you're glad something's going to be over but you're going to really miss it, you know?

right before i went on stage yesterday my nose started bleeding though, which sucked. it was bleeding while i was one stage, but thankfully nobody noticed it. haha triumph!

thanks for your concern, you guys. it means a lot. <3

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aw guys i got beat up today. :CCC

pictures to come (maybe)!
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guuuuys i cut my bangs just a little too much

actually they look okay

but i still want them to grow out.

what you don't see is the fact that i tried to angle them and failed miserably, so the part that looks tucked away is actually a hell of a lot shorter than the rest. uuurgh

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eeeh, tbh i think i like my bangs blunt more. sideswept bangs are what 99% of teenage girls have, and i feel like i'm getting more and more boring.

been watching skins a lot lately. LOVE this show! i'm becoming mildly obsessed haha. the girl who plays effy is insanely pretty--jealous!

oh jeez i'm turning into your stereotypical teenage girl. help me agh

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hey guys!

i swear i'm not dead haha. i've been out in colorado for spring break--grand junction, to be exact. it's really nice out there. the weather's great (albeit a bit cold), the scenery is gorgeous, and they have really nice restaurants out there. i'm thinking of applying to college out there, too--mesa state. whee!

i got into our school play! fools by neil simon. except instead of it being in russia, the normal setting, we're doing it in a hick town in the deep south. southern accent here i come!

so what have you been doing out there, flist? talk to me.

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2 sleepless nights -- Keep me awake
feather headbands wheeee

i'll prolly only wear like 2 but i don't give a crap haha.

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soooo i've sort-of decided to start every post with a picture of me! good policy y/n?

i've been back from sanfran for a couple weeks now, and i've made up my mind to move out there once i've graduated from high school. i want to go to academy of art out there--my other college choice was out in NY, so between the two i think i'd rather go to the sanfran one. closer to home and all that.

a week until spring break! oh go school please eeeeend

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excited face? i guess?

hey guuuuuys!

so i'm going to san francisco tomorrow, bright and early in the morning!

hopefully i'll come back with pictures.

stay cool bbs!

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happy singles awareness day!

personally, i'd rather celebrate roargh's birthday. go wish her birthday happiness!

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sooo i got a haircut!

bangs wheeeeee



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so i'm sitting in bed wondering whether or not i should study or just dick around on the computer like i always do.

my head hurts, i got in a fight with my parents, and my hair is messed up.

have a crappy webcam picture of me!

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los campesinos! is an awesome band. i loooove them.


+aca deca, which is loads of fun.
+i got my permit a week ago! whee now i can drive! (or at least try to)
+i've recently acquired an amazing fashion sense.
+true blood is absolutely amazing. turns out bill wasn't as dull as i thought he'd be--he's actually really great. i like his sideburns and his glare.

-aca deca, which is buttloads of work and makes me feel somewhat like a failure when i don't do good on the practice tests.
-my mom's car is a stick shift.
-i'm stressing because of school and ad, which in turn causes me to break out a little. blegh.
-i've recently become desperately starved for affection.

...my life is boring.

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okay so i'm just sitting around in bed and it's 11 at night and i have to get up at like 8 am tomorrow even though i'm still on vacation and HONESTLY JUST WHAT THE FUCK?

whatever. i've decided i'm going to start watching true blood, so i'll have to dvr that shit. it has alexander skarsgard in it, though (A+++, true blood) so it won't be that bad. the main guy looks kinna... bleh.

i'm going to marry alexander skarsgard btw. just all of you wait. we'll be the next tomkat, fuckers. YEAH MOLLY I'M LOOKING AT YOU

in other words, i'm like majorly hyped up right now and i can't explain why.

this icon explains everything.

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so i made a crapload of icons.

77 Icons
-Quantum of Solace
-The Office
-The Dark Knight
-Misc. Actors/Actresses
-Misc. Movies

i've been down this road too many times beforeCollapse )

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oh hey sweet 16! whooo!


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so i got to open one present, as per usual to do christmas eve.

it was a pot.

i was upset, so my parents let me open another one.


merry christmas everyone! <3

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shameless plug of myself, for i am a camerawhore. almost.

have a good day, all! eat lots of food and have fun with your families and be thankful!


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